Kids Badge Reward System

By: Sensei Alan Woodhouse – IOGKF England EGKA

Have you ever got frustrated with your junior students, they don’t seem to be able to get to grips with simple basic blocking and punching techniques.

As an instructor who has been teaching children for well over twenty years I have. With the help of my junior students I have come up with a great training aid to help with this problem Martial Arts Badges.

I have designed badges for many basic techniques including punching , blocking, kicking, stances, break falls, exercise, and many more. In all there are about 100 designs. The badges are woven fabric 4cm x 3cm and can be applied to club T shirts and sweatshirts. They are aimed at the younger students 5 -10 years although some of the older kids also like them. Since using the badges in my Dojo we have found that the standard of karate has improved with all of our junior students. We have done very well at kata and kumite in the tournaments held by the EGKA both regional and National here in England.

We also have badges for effort, respect, discipline etc. this is especially good if you have any students that are not always the best behaved. Attendance badges are also a good thing where a badge is given out every three months to student that do not miss any lessons.

Basic technique badges.

Every four weeks or so we hold a badge night at the Dojo.Children choose a badge four weeks before the badge night and practice that technique at home. Then we have the badge night a bit like a mini grading. All the kids show they have learnt their technique correctly and then at the end they are given a badge. They then choose the next badge they wish to take in four weeks time.

Alternatively the instructor could have a set regime in which order badges are taken.

Badges are range from $0.40 - $0.70 each so are cheap to buy. Some instructors then charge a fee for the badge to the student for example. Badge night is $2.00 per student, other instructors build the cost into their monthly fees.

I have discussed the badges with Sensei Nakamura and he was very impressed with them and thought it was a great idea. Sensei Ernie Molyneux also fully supports the badge scheme and has a endorsed the martial arts badge website on the EGKA web site.


The badge system is not perfect and some instructors here in England have tried it and thought it was too much effort. I say if you put the effort into your students you will get good results. Yes it does take a bit more work but the kids love it and look forward to receiving them. They take badges to school show their friends and then you start getting more students. My Dojo now has about 140 junior students  nearly double of what I had before I started using the badge scheme. Kids love to collect things

If any instructors would like further information about the badges please visit www.martialartsbadges or email

If any instructors would like to place an order to try out the badges please visit  All IOGKF instuctors will receive 15% discount off any orders placed. Just type in IOGKF at the check- out in the coupon  box.