Announcement from the Administrative Office 

By: Sensei Adrienne Langgartner –

Message from IOGKF Administrative Director

  1. On a personal note, it is hard to believe that I have held this position for one year already.  The 12 months have flown by.  I have truly enjoyed the challenge of this position.  There was, and still is, much to learn


  1. Many emails are still being sent to Nakamura Sensei, who held this position until his appointment last year to World Chief Instructor. Please ensure you are using the correct email address to reach the Administrative Office at

General areas of administration:

    1. Black Belt gradings – all aspects should be directed to this office
    2. Website
    3. All financial aspects
    4. Contact information for member countries
    5. Membership inquiries


  1. Chief Instructors’ Gasshuku

October 16 to 19, 2013 in Okinawa

Registration forms must be sent to the IOGKF administration office by September 30th.

Any questions regarding the chief instructors’ meeting or the black belt grading at this event should be directed to the administration office.

Adrienne Langgartner

IOGKF Administrative Director