Announcement from the World Chief Instructor IOGKF

Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura To contact the Administrative office email:


I hope everybody had a wonderful summer, or winter for the members in Southern Hemisphere. This year’s three major events finished as a great success, the South American Gasshuku in Peru, the North American Gasshuku in Canada and the European Gasshuku in Italy.
 In Italy, Higaonna Sensei became ill and was unable to teach during the last two days of the Gasshuku. However he came on the last day and gave us a great lecture regarding Goju-ryu history. I believe that his illness resulted from a mix of things such as jet lag, stress, over work, and dehydration (SENSEI had only two hours sleep the night before and drank two cups of espresso as he felt tired that day). Higaonna Sensei told me later that sometimes he forgets about his age and just pushes himself too much. It is same for us all that we sometimes (most of time) forget about his age as his appearance on the floor is super human. His skill and strength are beyond anybody on the floor who is much younger than him. However, he still is a human being who is 75 years old this year. It was a wakeup call for all of us, as his students, that we really have to take good care of him. After this incident, I spoke to Higaonna Sensei. He told me that he still wants to travel to major events and teach, but he prefers to have less social events requiring his attendance. This includes late night dinners, dinners with sponsors, sightseeing, etc. We also have to make sure he gets a break every hour and that we do not disturb him for autographs or private pictures during these breaks, and more and more....

One another thing that I reconfirmed. During Higaonna Sensei's absence, the eight senior instructors attending the event taught all of the classes. I spoke to many participants at the Sayonara party and everybody told me that they still had a great Gasshuku. The strength of our organization is that not only do we have the best living master with us, but at same time we have many great senior instructors who train hard daily and are lining up behind Higaonna Sensei.

As the newly appointed chief instructor, I stress that the quality of our organization is something I must focus and maintain for the future generation.

During my speech at Sayonara party in Italy, I mentioned that we are witnessing a very unique time in the history of our art. Higaonna Sensei is in the final stage of mastering the art and he is ready to pass everything to us now. We must not to miss any opportunity to learn from him. Higaonna Sensei will be in Moscow in September for the Euro-Asian Gasshuku and in Liverpool in October for EGKA 40th anniversary. I will also be there for both events.

I am also teaching in Hamburg, Germany in September and Bratislava, Slovakia in November (actually I am writing this message right now in Santiago, Chile where I am teaching a weekend seminar). There are many other senior instructors teaching Gasshuku in different corners of the globe. Please check the event schedule on our website for a listing of the various Gasshuku and make your plan.

I am looking forward to training with you in the near future.


IOGKF International World Chief Instructor