Australia Gasshuku with Sensei ErnieMolyneux

Sensei Ernie visit IOGKF Australia (AOGKF) in November 2013 to teach his first ever Gasshuku in the country. 120 students later, the event was a huge success!

Sensei Ernie Molyneux visited Australia to teach his first ever Gasshuku in the country from November 1st-3rd , 2013. He travelled to Australia under the organisation of the Australian Okinawan Goju-ryu Federation (AOGKF) and Sensei Ernie was to team up with their head instructor, Sensei Joe Roses for the special event.

In the days preceding the Gasshuku, Sensei Ernie visited the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house, before heading to Goulburn to visit the NSW Police Academy and Driver training school. Sensei Ernie was treated to a hot lap in a squad car!  He also visited the Australia War Memorial Museum and other sites around Australia’s capital city of Canberra.


Sensei Ernie’s Gasshuku attracted over 115 participants to Canaberra from all over Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. His skill level impressed everyone and all sessions he took were very well received.

Group trainings were also conducted and along with Sensei Ernie & Sensei Joe Roses, senior instructors Sensei Kevin Nash and Sensei David Lambert all took training sessions. Everything from Kata, to Oyo Bunkai, to Kakie, to Free Sparring was covered over the two days.

This was the biggest event for IOGKF in Australia for recent years and Sensei Ernie was pleased with the standard in the country. However the World Vice-Chief Instructor spent time with senior black belts of the organisation to ensure that they too also improved and could therefore improve their students. It was a great philosophy and Sensei Ernie left everyone from Sensei Roses to our beginner white belts enthusiastic and excited about continuing along the course to true Goju-ryu Karate under the IOGKF.