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Message from Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura

At the end of the year, I would like to look back and summarize our organization's activities in 2013. This year was a very memorable year as Higaonna Sensei received the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award from the Okinawan Government. As students, we have known him as the best karate master on the planet. However, it was our great pleasure and honour that the Okinawan Government officially recognized his skill, knowledge and his lifetime work and contribution toward promoting and preserving traditional karate.

In March, IOGKF Peru hosted the South American Gasshuku. The event was well attended by South American members. In May, IOGKF Canada hosted MCF in Niagara Falls. This was when Higaonna Sensei's good friend, Choko Kyuna Sensei announced that there will be a big surprise for all IOGKF members, and a week later we found out that Okinawan Government had awarded Higaonna Sensei with the Intangible Cultural Heritage Award. In July, IOGKF Italy hosted the European Gasshuku in Sicily. Higaonna Sensei got ill on the third day of the event, but all other senior instructors finished the event and everybody enjoyed the high quality of teaching. In September, IOGKF Russia hosted the Euro-Asia gasshuku. It was well attended by regional members and the public demonstration at the theatre was a great success. In October, the annual Chief Instructor Gasshuku was held at the Budokan in Okinawa, Japan. During the event, we welcomed Juichi Kokubo Sensei back as the Chief Instructor of IOGKF Peru. In November, the EGKA (England) celebrated its 40th anniversary and many English members and members from surrounding countries attended the event. It was in England where IOGKF International was established in 1979. Also in attendance at the event were Higaonna Sensei's old friends, such as Sensei Terry O'Neil (Shotokan) who invited Higaonna Sensei to England for the first time in 1969.

This year I traveled to 17 gasshuku in 13 countries as the newly appointed world chief instructor. At all events, I was welcomed and I received many positive and encouraging comments. I would like to thank all members for your support and trust in me.

At the beginning of our organization, it was Higaonna Sensei who lead the IOGKF with his outstanding skill and charisma. Now we have many skilled and talented instructors in our organization who are committed to following his legacy. There are many senior instructors traveling around the world and teaching seminars.

I believe the future of traditional karate is promising in IOGKF.

I hope for good health and prosperity in the coming year, 2014, for all of our members and your families.


Tetsuji Nakamura

IOGKF International Chief Instructor