England Gasshuku with Sensei Roy Flatt

By: Sensei Guy Keen – IOGKF England (EGKA)

Every January when Sensei Roy goes training with Sensei Higaonna in Okinawa, he returns with a new insight into the little nuances of our katas that he is keen to pass on upon his return to the UK.Sensei Roy ran two classes (14 years plus) on Saturday 2nd March. The first class was aimed at brown belts and the second for black belts. Black belts were also welcome to attend the first session, of which many took full advantage.Classes commenced at 11:00 hours and ran through to 16:00.

Over the two sessions Sensei Roy meticulously worked through all katas up to Shisochin for Brown Belts then onwards to Sepai for Black Belts.Each kata was tackled sequence by sequence with emphasis on the keypoints. Sensei Roy invited questions throughout the day giving people plenty of opportunity to clarify the technical details of any movement.

Sensei Roy focused upon the themes of correct posture and timing in kata, and frequently gave feed back to the participants to help them progress their form.

The day was well attended by students from across the northern Dojos with turn out from Liverpool, Southport, Wirral, Manchester, Sheffield, and particular mention to those who travelled all the way down from Scotland.Like many great sessions the days flew by as the students listened to Sensei Roy’s instruction and practiced hard to absorb the lessons. The day finished with a well deserved hearty applause for Sensei Roy.