Dominican Gasshuku with Sensei Genraro Liriano

IOGKF Canada Instructor, Sensei Genraro Liriano, recently traveled to the Dominican Republic to conduct a Gasshuku for another Goju-ryu style in their country…

It was with great pleasure for me to attend and train together with my Okinawa Goju Ryu brothers from the Dominican Republic. With the permission of Nakamura Sensei, and Di Carlo Sensei, I was invited to teach a Gasshuku in the Shintaikiji Hombu Dojo, in Santo Domingo.

The Shintaikiji, is the original Okinawa Goju Ryu organization I belonged to when I was in the Dominican Republic, they were the first group to introduce Higaonna Sensei and the IOGKF to the Dominican Republic, their Chief instructor is Dr. Jose Di Carlo, one of the oldest and most respected Goju Ryu masters in the Dominican Republic and Latin America.

Walking into the Dojo, brought back a lot of memories of all the pain and sweat I endured in the dojo, all the long trips I used to make very early in the morning, so, that Sensei Di Carlo, could pass on his teaching onto me and in turn I would go back to my home town “Andres Boca Chica”, and pass on the teachings of the master.

On the First day of training, we did Yunbi Undo, follow by Hojo Undo, the main emphasis was placed on Chishi routines. Then we did Higaonna Kanryo Sanchin for the rest of the night.

On the Second day we had a few other students from another Goju Ryu Organisation called Sanzei Goju Ryu and two others black belts from Shito Ryu, one of them being a Dominican National Karate Team Champion in Kumite and Kata.

On this day we did Yunbi Undo, Hojo Undo, with the main emphasis put on Tai-Otoshi and Ten-Tsuki, then we moved on to Suri Ashi (different variations), then Ashi Tanren, follow by Ude Tanren and Body conditioning. Then, we went through Kata; Geki Sai Dai Ichi, Geki Sai Dai Ni and Saifa, with their respective Bunkai.

After training we went to a nice Dominican Restaurant in Old Santo Domingo called “Mamajuana” we enjoyed some drinks and called it a night.

The Third day, was closed only to Shintaikiji members and during his session I was asked by Di Carlo Sensei to show some Kongoken routines, which I did and took the opportunity to share some Nigiri Game, Tan, and Ishi Sashi techniques, as well as some Irikukumi techniques using the focus pads. We then moved onto Kakie training, follow by Seiyunchin with its respective Bunkai, and then we finished the day with Tensho.

Right after training we were invited to Sensei Franklin Zayas’ home, for a typical Dominican Soup called “Sancocho”, prepared by his mother, it was delicious and it re-stored some of the energy we had spent during the weekend gasshuku.

I would like to thank all the members of the Shintaikiji Dojo, especially Sensei Franklin Zayas for organizing the event and for his dedication to the training of traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu, to the members of Shintakiji New York and Shintakiji Venezuela, who attended this Gasshuku. I look forward in seeing you at MCF 2013, in Nigara Falls.