Makiwara: Training with a Passion

By: Sensei George Andrews – 8th Dan – IOGKF England (OTGKA)

Sensei George Andrews documents his experience with Makiwara training and his observations of Higaonna Sensei’s training with the same device in this interesting short article...

I have searched for instructions on how to hit the Makiwara and the Health and Safety issues, but have not found any information, so have I decided to give my input on my experience from the only man that knows the true way how to hit a Makiwara.

Master Morio Higaonna enjoys hitting the Makiwara more than reading a book, or eating a meal and spends as much time digesting it, I have watch him for 36 years and he only thinks of the Pursuit of Excellence and none stop reparations, I wonder if history could better this observation, as I have not seen any evidence.

People talk about history; I can only talk about what I witness, he told me that he hates not hitting the Makiwara because his Knuckles become softer.

About the Safety issues surrounding hitting a Makiwara, I stand ready to be corrected by the Medical Profession, when hitting the Makiwara you should concentrate on the first two knuckles of the hand, when hitting the Makiwara aim 70% on the index finger and 30% on the middle finger, but when you make contact you hit 50 – 50%, if you don’t you may develop problems with fluid on their knuckles.

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