Announcement from the IOGKF Editorial Office

By: Sensei David Lambert –

1- Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback about the IOGKF International Magazine which was released for the first time last December. The idea has been well received around the world and if you have any more suggestions please email them too me, I would love to hear your ideas on how to improve our online newsletter and new world magazine.

2 - Welcome

I would like to welcome Sensei Ciara McGrath from IOGKF England  (EGKA) who has taken over as webmaster for the International online newsletter. She has done a great job and I thank her for all her great effort!

3 - Letters to the Editor

We have launched a new component to our online newsletter and IOGKF International Magazine, called letters to the editor. This gives you the opportunity to respond to articles we publish with your thoughts and views. We will then publish the letters we receive in our next editions. You can respond via the email address above or through our Facebook group. More instructions and information is toward the rear of this issue of the Magazine.

4 - August Edition

The cut off date for our next Magazine & online newsletter will be August 15th, 2013.