IOGKF Chile Gasshuku with Sensei Tata

The last weekend in Santiago, dojo Goju Do organized a gasshuku taught by Sensei Gustavo Tata (Rokudan, Chief Instructor of Argentina and South America Coordinator)

The training took place at Goju Do´s main dojo, near the Andean foothills, and congregated around 40 karateka. Visiting from Argentina also came Gabriela Perez (Yondan IOGKF) and Fabio López (Sandan, IOGKF). From an even closer city in Argentina, visited us Mario Lugones (Yondan, OGKK), country chief instructor for the Kyokai,based in Mendoza. Another two IOGKF Chile dojos located near santiago joined the 3 day seminar for the classes on friday night, saturday and sunday.

As usual classes were divided by rank, with Friday night session dedicated to senior kyu and yudansha. Sensei Tata focused the training on basic and advanced kihon with techniques from Gekisai kata. We worked on sandangi variations and practiced Gekisai Dai Ichi until it came out with the right rhythm, speed and focus.

Classes on Saturday and Sunday took place in a larger facility (a covered multisport court) were we focused on kata (particularly Sanchin), lots of kihon with a partner and irikumi training. Senior black belts also worked on advanced kata like kururunfa and sesan.

Our sessions also included body conditioning, countless push-ups, situps and deep stretching, all under the supervision of Sensei Jorge Rivera (Yondan, Chile Representative)

On Saturday evening we gathered for the traditional sayonara party. Grilled beef and chicken, beautiful salads and Chilean red wine help our students to recover energy for the next day.

All that barbeque came to haunt us on Sunday morning, when we started the day with a rather intense warm up session, under the watchful eye of Sensei Tata. I am sure we sweated all the calories eaten the night before, and then some! But we are happy to report that everyone survived the long Sunday class…

We could not finish this report without thanking all our students that made the gasshuku possible. Our appreciation also goes to our Argentinean friends that came from the other side of the Andes to support our activity. We had a great opportunity to fine-tune our technique and meet old friends once more.

We finish our gathering looking forward to meet again in Peru 2013, at the South America Gasshuku with Sensei Higaonna.

You can see the photos of the gasshuku visiting our Facebook page

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