Terauchi Sensei and Kiyose Dojo

By: Tommy Jones (Kiyose Dojo) & Alexander Egberg (IOGKF Demark)

Many know of Terauchi Sensei and also that he resides in Tokyo, but usually not much more. Kiyose Dojo is the personal Karate school of Terauchi Sensei, where visitors young and old have the chance to experience Karate from the man who had done more than the hard yards under Higaonna Sensei and has become one of Japan’s most feared and respected fighters…


Terauchi Sensei is an IOGKF legend, a name that strikes respect (and fear!) into the hearts of all those that train with him. He is renowned at Gashukus all around the world for his speed and power, his unflinching attitude and his firm belief in Kihon, the basics of all good Karateka’s training. This article takes another look at the man known affectionately as “Mr. T”.

From 1968, Terauchi Sensei trained at Yoyogi Dojo in Tokyo, at the time amongst the most notorious martial arts gyms in the world. Goju Ryu students included James Rousseau and Bakkies Laubscher from South Africa; Ernie Brennecke from the United States; Steve Bellamy and Graham Ravey from Great Britain. Meanwhile there were also regular visitors from other styles such as Terry O'Neil (Shotokan), John Jarvis and the French national team, not to mention celebrities like Monster Man Eddy and Benny "the Jet" Urquidez.


Many know Terauchi Sensei as one of Higaonna Sensei’s long-term students, training not only at Yoyogi, but also in Okinawa, where he also trained with An'ichi Miyagi Sensei. The Kihon training at this time was severe, with 1000 repetitions coming as standard! On more than one evening, the Yame simply never came, and they trained until daybreak stopping only for the occasional water break.

As well as Kihon, Terauchi Sensei is also a Kumite champion, winning the East Japan Championships (1978), the All Japan National Championships (1981) as well as the 1981 IOGKF World Championships held in Okinawa. His speed and power was awesome, so when he was invited onto a Japanese TV show hosted by Beat Takeshi (host of Takeshi’s Castle) he ended up chasing the other contestants off the stage!


For the past 25 years, Terauchi Sensei has been teaching at Kiyose Dojo in West Tokyo. He still performs regular demonstrations, and is known for his sturdy Sanchin, with Shime tested by none other than Higaonna Sensei! Mr. T treats young and old, male and female alike…all are welcome at Kiyose provided they come prepared to leave inhibitions at the door to train in sweat (and possibly blood!).

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