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Administrative Director’s Announcements

It is hard to believe that the end of the year is almost here.  Since I took over the position of Administrative Director from Nakamura Sensei I have been busy.  I am still finding my way through the many and varied administrative tasks. But I have enjoyed having the opportunity to help many of our instructors and members.

At this time I would like to inform all of you of the following:

  1. Budosai 2012 DVDs are now on sale. This video has been professionally prepared.  Relive the major moments that made this year’s Budosai so special.

You can buy the single disk or the double disk version:

Single disk version (Budosai Demonstration)
Double disk version(Opening ceremony, Marching Band and Budosai Demonstration)

To purchase yours just click on this email address (  

Please state how many copies of each version you would like and the shipping address. 

The total cost, including shipping, will be emailed back to you, for your confirmation, along with payment instructions.

Single disk version is Yen 3500, plus shipping. 

Double disk version is Yen 4500, plus shipping. 

Payment will be made to IOGKF International

  1. Higaonna Sensei has received a well-deserved recognition from the Okinawan government for his work in promoting Okinawan culture around the world. In November of this year, he received the Okinawa Prefecture Cultural Achievement Award for his many years of spreading Okinawan culture (Goju-Ryu) around the world.
  1. Now that Higaonna Sensei has retired from his position of World Chief Instructor he will be doing only four regular gasshuku each year, plus the Chief Instructor’s gasshuku.  Mark your calendars with these dates and locations :
  • South America:             Peru                 March 28th to 31st 
  • North America:             Canada            May 2nd to 5th
  • Europe:                          Italy                 July 22nd to 26th
  • Euro-Asia:                     Russia              September 14th to 16th
  • Chief Instructor’s:         Japan               October 16th to 19th

            Don’t forget to regularly check the Events section of this website for other gasshuku taught by Nakamura Sensei and other top IOGKF instructors.

  1. Just a reminder that the email address to contact the Administrative Director has been changed to