Editors Announcement

IOGKF International Editor

David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

To contact the newsletter email: iogkfaus@bigpond.com

Welcome back to the IOGKF International Newsletter and to our second issue. This issue has proven to be one of ‘first’s’ in IOGKF International Newsletter history.


Please do not forget that anyone can submit anything for consideration for the newsletter. No news is too big or too small. If you’ve got an IOGKF related article or event report, we want to hear about it! If you have Karate artwork, poetry or research we’d love you to share it with the rest of our member.

Our next issue will be released in mid September 2010, with the cut off date for articles being March 15, 2012. Items can be forwarded to either iogkaus@bigpond.com or lambert@goulburnkarate.com or posted to:

IOGKF Goulburn
Lambert Karate Dojo
76 Gibson Street,
Goulburn, NSW,
Australia, 2580

Until April, take care and train hard,

David Lambert
Editor – IOGKF International
IOGKF Australia