Lambert Dojo Renovations and IOGKF Merchandising information

In the last year many famous IOGKF Dojo’s around the world have had a facelift and been reinvented to suit the needs of the modern Karate student and the Dojo which plays home to our International Editor has not been exempt...

After 12 months of planning, countless hours of hard work from instructors, students and family members, renovations of the Lambert Karate Dojo in Goulburn, NSW were completed.

The Dojo which was originally build by the late Shihan David Lambert, is connected to the house of the Lambert family. It has been visited numerous times by Higaonna Sensei, where the Master has even spent time training alone. After over 20 years of the Lambert Dojo being located in Crestwood area, our International Editor, who is the head instructor decided it was time for a change.

The club has always prided itself on a very strong family feel and Sensei Lambert wanted to extend this feeling within the set up of the Dojo.

“I had the Newsletter and Dojo office moved to my home and this meant there was a lot of space that was not being used. Along with this I wanted to redesign our change room and store room facilities and combine the two.”

“A lot of senior instructors around the world have updated their Dojo’s to fit in with the expectations of modern students and their families along with creating warm and friendly atmospheres. The old fashioned, tough guy Dojo’s are gone and have been replaced with family orientated atmosphere – the training stays the same; Hard and strong, but the stereotyped atmosphere is shifting”

The club took on the efforts of removing several walls, completely redesigning some areas installing an IOGKF Shop as the pictures below show:






Description: IMG_0863.JPG


Description: IMG_0077.JPG


Description: IMG_0862.JPG


Description: IMG_0790.JPG


Description: IMG_0877.JPG

BEFORE (During Renovations):

Description: IMG_0792.JPG     Description: IMG_0792.JPG


Description: IMG_0879.JPG    

The new renovations also include an IOGKF store that is in the final process of its initial set up. A whole range of IOGKF and Goju-ryu Merchandise will soon be available for anyone to purchase at reasonable and affordable prices. The store will also be able to design and make up specific IOGKF club products for clubs all over the world – from T-shirts to Dojo set up kits. For initial enquiries please email: This store has the official approval of the IOGKF Administrative office and Nakamura Sensei. More details will follow in the new year!

The actual construction phase took 10 days of hard work and then the painting and decorating phase took a further 6 weeks. We were all giggling when Sensei Lambert would finish our training session and start spreading his drop sheets immediately to continue the work!

A regional Gasshuku by Sensei Joe Roses was set to be hosted at the Dojo in early November and Sensei, along with our club students and even family members were determined not to let the masses down!

When the big day came, everyone was blown away with how the new dojo designed turned out and Sensei Roses spent a few minutes just walking around smiling which made all of our effort worthwhile!

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