By: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor

As mentioned in the previous editions of the IOGKF International Newsletter, from 2012 onwards the newsletter will be running on a different format to suit the IOGKF calendar and to ensure we produce bigger and better issues.

The New format which has come into place at the release of this edition means we will now only be releasing 3 editions per year which will coincide the with the following periods on the IOGKF calendar:


The April edition will be the first edition released every year and will be focused on the promotion of the major event of the year which is usually hosted in June or July. This is generally the European Gasshuku’s or the World Budosai. The newsletter will be able to provide attendees of these major events with all every possible detail of the event some 3 months prior to it happening to help forward planning.


The former September editions main cover story was the major event of the year (as mentioned European Gasshuku or Budosai), however the report was sometimes coming some two months after the event. The August edition will give us the ability to share the event with the rest of the IOGKF World within 3 weeks generally.


This will keep the same format and give us the chance to reflect on the year and let our senior instructors offer us some direction for the next twelve months.

As always the newsletter will be committed to the coverage of all IOGKF events, big or small, and the promotion of submitted articles for the newsletter. The extra time frame on every edition will also give me more time to chase down reports from around the world, organise translations from our wonderful team and get the Goju-ryu Master’s comic book back into print with Sensei Roberto Zapata.

I urge you all to continue to support the newsletter through your wonderful submissions and just by getting online and reading it!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the newsletter please feel free to contact us we would love to hear from you!