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IOGKF Poland Gasshuku with Sensei Linda Marchant

By: Tomasz Golebiowski – IOGKF Poland

IOGKF Poland brought popular instructor Sensei Linda Marchant to their shores recently for a training event that attracted members from as far away as Prague...

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On September, 10-11 2011, Goju-Ryu Karate Do “SANCHIN” Academy in Piotrków

Trybunalski had the pleasure to host Sensei Linda Marchant at the national seminar

they organized, in which students from Wroclaw, Warszaw, Radom and Slupsk took

part -  A nice surprise was the participation of Sensei Jaroslav Kulik and his students all

the way from Prague!

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The seminar covered a wide variety of exercises from Saifa, Shishochin, Sanseru

and Sanchin Kata’s aimed at improving the student’s speed, strength and dynamics, through

Kakie, Bunkai, Oyo-bunkai and ending on free fighting. What we would like to

emphasize here is Sensei Linda Marchant‘s Karate knowledge as well as practical

experience regarded as a great potential for training which we all admired and which

made us work as hard as it was possible.

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We are looking forward to practicing under the guidance of Sensei Linda again in a future

Gasshuku and would like to thank her very much for coming to Poland, and sharing her valuable knowledge with us.