Gasshuku & Reports

IOGKF Colombia Gasshuku with Sensei Zapata

This Gasshuku was the first hosted this year by the Makoto Dojo, also known as the Honbu Dojo for Colombia. The following affiliated dojos were invited to the event: Sunao Dojo-Cali, Hagakure Dojo-Cali, Morio Higaonna Dojo – Bogota, and Bushin Dojo – Cartagena.

There was a 90% attendance rate of the students of the Honbu (Makoto Dojo) with the attendance also of Sensei Reinel Gallego (Hagakure Dojo) and Bryon Osorio and Linderman Ortiz (Morio Higaonna Dojo).

We had two days of hard training, highlighted by the teachings of our Master Morio Higaonna.  We advanced in our style and it was generally a Gasshuku full of a lot of energy and camaraderie. We held training sessions for the Kyu grade and training sessions for the Dan grades and advanced students   (2nd and 1st kyus). 

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