Gasshukus and Reports



CALI, MAY 21 AND 22, 2011

This Gasshuku was the first hosted this year by the Makoto Dojo, also known as the Hombu Dojo for Colombia. The following affiliated dojos were invited to the event: Sunao Dojo-Cali, Hagakure Dojo-Cali, Morio Higaonna Dojo – Bogota, and Bushin Dojo – Cartagena.

There was a 90% attendance rate of the students of the Hombu (Makoto Dojo) with the attendance also of Sensei Reinel Gallego (Hagakure Dojo) and Bryon Osorio and Linderman Ortiz (Morio Higaonna Dojo).

We had two days of hard training, highlighted by the teachings of our Master Morio Higaonna.  We advanced in our style and it was generally a Gasshuku full of a lot of energy and camaraderie. We held training sessions for the kyus and training sessions for the danes and advanced students   (2nd and 1st kyus). 

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The Cartagena group is composed of only two dans (nidan and shodan of the previous organizaition) and a 1st kyu.

The dojo name is BUSHIN and it has been with the organization since January, 2011. While                I traveled to Cartagena for family matters, I organized with the dojo a formal training during the scheduled dojo classes.

In this way, I was able to have a second formal meeting with the Bushin Dojo of Cartagena.

During five days of training, we saw Junbi Undo, Hojo Undo, kihon, a kyus advancement program, katas and bunkai katas (gekisai dai ichi - ni  and saifa).

They were hard training and immersion days in the system, which served to align and bring the group closer together. This will promise to form good karate practitioners for our organization in Colombia.  Jose Smith is in charge of the group.

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BOGOTA, AUGUST 13 AND 14, 2011

This is the most recent affiliated group and they promise to grow quickly due to the city where they are located.

The dojo in Bogota has as its name Dojo MORIO HIGAONNA and Mr. Byron Osorio is at the head of this group (6th dan in the other organization) and Mr. Linderman Ortiz (1st kyu).

This Dojo formally organized a two-day GASSHUKU, which has as its principle the inspiration from Sensei Higaonna and his teachings.

There two days of hard and traditional training, that permitted me to demonstrate our style to this new group in the City of Bogota.

The following subjects were included in the days of instruction: Junbi undo, Hojo Undo, kihon,kakie, kata y bunkai kata.

In the afternoon of the second day, the first exams were held in the dojo as IOGKF Colombia.

The camaraderie was constant and the spirit of good karate was omnipresent from the first to the very last day.

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In Colombia we are working together and little by little we are seeing the fruits of dedicated and constant training. We hope that each dojo reaches and supports a good quality of students which we will train to form with quality and under the premises that the organization demands, looking for a high technical level and to have a morally strong group.

We are IOGKF!!!

Gambatte –Kudasai

Roberto Zapata