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David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

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Welcome back to the International Newsletter! We have a great range of article for all to enjoy including reports on the IOGKF European and South American Gasshuku’s, along with the Sensei John Lambert memorial Festival report! Many thanks go to all those who made the effort to submit articles to the International newsletter. It is people like your good selves that are without question the reason we have an International Newsletter.


Since the last newsletter to this edition I have been extremely busy. Having started a new dojo away from my home, travelling to the other side of the World for training with Higaonna Sensei, renovating my family dojo and keeping up all my other IOGKF commitments has chewed up a lot of my time. I would like to apologise to any IOGKF members who contacted me and didn’t get a quick reply as usual. Time has been of the essence for me, but now as I ease back into the swing of things we can get back on track!


Time is ticking on our December 2011 Newsletter! We are planning a pre-Christmas release and with any luck this should be a reality! Remember IOGKF members worldwide are eligible to contribute to our newsletter. As always other members and I around the world are forever grateful! The deadline date for the December edition will be December 15th, 2011.

As always thank you all for your contributions and support with the newsletter. I greatly appreciate it!

 Items can be forwarded to either iogkaus@bigpond.com or lambert@goulburnkarate.com or posted to:

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David Lambert
IOGKF International Editor
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