NEW IOGKF & Goju-ryu Store!

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Opening in 2011 with the December IOGKF International Newsletter will be our brand new IOGKF and Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do store.

The store will be running out of the newsletter headquarters in Goulburn, Australia with a large range of high quality products available.

Along with the usual items like polo shirts, etc will be many items never before sold under the IOGKF and Goju-ryu Banner! A big change is coming to this department of the IOGKF, one that will definitely benefit not only you and your students, but also you Dojo’s and your organisations.

The new store which will have online information available soon has the approval and support of Nakamura Sensei and IOGKF administrative office and will be the best choice for your official IOGKF merchandising options.

All manufacturing will be done in Australia which has a worldwide reputation for its high quality and durability – your options will be endless and your orders processed quickly!

Information will be posted to our facebook group and International website in the coming months, stay tuned!