IOGKF Poland Gasshuku with Sensei Linda Marchant

IOGKF Poland played host to English senior instructor Sensei Linda Marchant for a unique Gasshuku. Sensei Linda put all the Polish participants through a variety of vigorous training sessions that enriched their personalities and spirits…

During the last September weekend (September, 25-26 2010) we held a Gasshuku in South Poland – Wrocław which was carried out by Linda Marchant Sensei (6th Dan) from England.

The Seminar was focused on grinding details. Sensei Linda carried us through the most important parts of Kata in an interesting way from Gekisai Da Ichi to Sanseru combining it with their Bunkai innovatively ,to show us how Kata techniques are reflected in practice.  The whole Gasshuku was interwoven with exercises that improve our dynamics and ability to move in the fight. There were also Kakie and opportunity to try our strength while doing Iri Kumi. Lots of techniques we practiced on Sunday were devoted to build up our strength and condition.

Thanks to this Seminar we all had opportunity to meet other members of the family of Goju-Ryu Karate in Poland. It put us into optimistic mood to further our practice, showing us how we still have lots of work to do in the future.