Facebook Challenge Update:

In March 2010 the challenge was set to IOGKF members to build up the IOGKF International Facebook Groups. The challenge was set to get 1000 members for the International Facebook group by the March 2011 Edition of the Newsletter.

Description: http://www.iogkf.com/newsletter/edition_2010_3/images/fb002.jpg


SEPTEMBER 2010:                                                               DECEMBER 2010:

       636 members                                                                      763 members        

We are getting very close to our goal of 1000 members by March 2011! Only 237 members to go! The Facebook group is your best way to stay update with all IOGKF news and related stories and can be accessed by most mobile phones around the globe!

Encourage your students to get online today and reap the benefits of being connected globally to IOGKF members all around the World!