Welcome to the December 2010 Edition of the IOGKF Newsletter

As we look back on 2010 our special feature for this edition in coverage of the World Ubuntu Gasshuku and tournament event all written by Sensei Bakkies Laubscher!
Also be sure to check out the recently released unseen footage of Higaonna Sensei training at his Dojo in Okinawa and Sensei Ernie's latest installment of Kumite Drills. Its all here at IOGKF International!
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In this Edition:

Administrative office:

Administrative announcements - From: Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura
Editorial Announcements – From: David Lambert
End of Decade Project Update

Articles and research:

Newly released footage of Higaonna
Kumite Drills – with: Sensei Ernie Molyneux – IOGKF England EGKA
Changing perspective – By: Sensei Paolo Taigo Spongia – IOGKF Italy
The Battle of Okinawa – By: Sensei David Lambert – IOGKF Australia
Trip to Higaonna Dojo by IOGKF Russia members – By: Sensei Bogdan Kurilko – IOGKF Russia EN RU
My teaching and training trip in Italy – By: Sensei Alessandro Febbo – IOGKF Okinawa
Sanchin experiment – By: Sensei Bogdan Kurilko – IOGKF Russia
Ryu Ryu Ko and the white crane temple - By: Joost Frehé – IOGKF England OTGKA
Shodan journey – By: Zeke Ezra – IOGKF Australia

Instructor Profiles and Interviews:

Sensei Brian McGhie – IOGKF New Zealand Chairman
Sensei Rajesh Ravi – IOGKF New Zealand Kambukai member