The end of decade documentary project that was advertised in our last edition and on the International website homepage has been delayed until the release of our March 2010 edition. Due to Higaonna Sensei’s busy travelling and training schedule, his interview could not be completed until February 2011.

We will now be extending the deadline on submissions for this project until MARCH 10, 2011.

The mini documentary will be the first of its kind, in that it will be produced by the International Newsletter. It will include highlights from the last 10 years of the IOGKF’s history, along with new interviews with Higaonna Morio Sensei and other IOGKF International senior instructors. It is an exciting project that is taking a lot of planning and effort to produce. It will be released on you tube with the March 2011 Edition of the International Newsletter.

IOGKF International is still asking for major submissions from the last 10 years. If you have any footage or photos you would like to add to the documentary, please contact or send the articles to:

David Lambert

IOGKF International

76 Gibson Street,

Goulburn, NSW,

Australia, 2580

Or email: lambert@goulburnkarate.com