IOGKF CANADA DOJO GASSHUKU – with Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura

By: Sensei Mike Chinadi – Seito Bugei Juku Dojo

Sensei Mike Chinadi recently hosted Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura at his own dojo for a special training event. The event was a great success, with attendees travelling from as far away as Oakville and Ontario…

Working up to an event, an organizer never knows how it is going to turn out. I had my pre event jitters as usual. Today after it is all been said, I do not know why.

Nakamura T., Chief Instructor IOGKF Canada, as always, did a phenomenal workshop. He demonstrated and explained correct Junbi Undo exercises. His animated explanations of Kihon and combinations, I know furthered everyone’s knowledge.   Last but not least, Sensei did Kakie training giving examples to explain this form of Kumite. Unfortunately, two hours is not enough, but I am sure everyone’s head was filled with huge amounts of information. At the end, Sensei, demonstrated his great skill in karate by demonstrating the Kata Suparinpei. Wow!!

What makes an event are the people who come to participate. I would like to acknowledge and thank my out of town guests: Genaro Liriano and his student Gireesh who came from Naha Dojo Toronto ON; Michelina Cusano from Oakville; and Ali Awad from Windsor ON. They all travelled to train with the Chief Instructor and support this event. This event was important for the very reason it was also my 15th Year Anniversary of teaching IOGKF Goju Ryu Karate in Peterborough.

To my students, Bryan, Rob, Jacqui and Ann, thank you for your enthusiasm and support of the Chief Instructor’s Gasshuku.

I would like to give Nakamura T., my Sensei, a big thank you from all of us for his excellent teachings and for travelling the long distance to come and celebrate this special event.