IOGKF Poland Gasshuku with Sensei Leijenhorst

By: Sensei Tomasz Gołębiowski – IOGKF Poland

Car trouble and hot Polish weather wasn’t enough to prevent IOGKF Netherlands Chief Instructor, Sensei Sydney Leijenhorst, on making Poland’s summer training camp. A great weekend was had by all under the unique atmosphere created by Sensei Leijenhorst...

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Despite having technical difficulties with his car, Sensei Leijenhorst still managed to come to our Gasshuku on time. Only 2 hours after crossing the border Sensei got to know the famous Polish hospitality and friendliness, when he was helped with his overheated and internally damaged car.

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Saturday training was dedicated to Sanchin Kata, Kihon & Oyo Bunkai, Kakie and the principles of movement within the Kata. Okinawan Goju-ryu in general and Kakie in particular turned out to be the domain of expertise of Sensei Sydney. We were all impressed by the art he demonstrated and the training methods he shared with us. Both of these will help students to develop themselves thoroughly in the times ahead. He also dedicated lots of time to explain to us the details of how to

breathe properly, while doing Sanchin Kata.

On the hot Sunday morning we were practicing ground fighting (Ne Waza) and take downs (Nage Waza) on an opponent, which showed a close relation with real fighting situations.

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Sensei Sydney has a gift for creating a unique atmosphere that influenced us all. He puts lots of emphasize on the connection of spirit, mind and body training. Very impressive also are his skills to balance and harmonize both hardness and softness, which is a big characteristic for the Karate style we practice. His Mastery and his modesty are very admirable.

Watching his performance we had the impression that whatever he does, he does with great devotion and passion. His visit and the way he conducts the training made deep impression on all of us and revealed how much work we still have to do to make further progress.

Finally, we would like to thank Leijenhorst Sensei very much for the great training and the knowledge he shared with us and for wonderful time we all spent together.

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