IOGKF Germany Gasshuku with Yamashiro Sensei


By: Sensei Peter Lembke – IOGKF Germany Chief Instructor

IOGKF Germany reached a milestone in their history recently, achieving 15 years together as an organisation. To celebrate the event, chief instructor Sensei Peter Lembke invited IOGKF World Chairman, Sensei Katsuya Yamashiro to lead a very special Gasshuku...

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Celebrating the 15th anniversary of our organisation OGKVD/ IOGKF-Germany we invited Sensei Katsuya Yamashiro, 7th Dan  from Okinawa to host an outstanding Gasshuku in Hamburg, on September 10th to 12th 2010.

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About 100 participants from Germany and neighbouring countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, Scotland, Hungary and Romania attended the seminar.

 From Romania we invited Ioana Ciobanu as our translator – she had done a great job in translating Japanese into English at the European Gasshuku in Copenhagen, Denmark - and she did a great job at our event, too. Although Sensei Yamashiro is progressing in his English very
rapidly, we have been very lucky to have all the detailed information Yamashiro Sensei wanted to get across translated by Ioana. Thanks to her again for helping us.

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Sensei Yamashiro had a full load of information and was working on the correct way of hip use, tanden power projection, posture, natural balance, breathing and ‘ma’ (roughly translated as the right moment) along with kimochi (feeling; for ma, your body, your movement and your ‘opponent’). His demonstrations on the subjects were enlightening!

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There was much to digest for everybody in fully understanding all the information and getting it working in your body, but when you do your Karate performance will improve by 100 %.

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So we would like to thank Yamashiro Sensei again for sharing his knowledge with us and the wonderful seminar.

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