IOGKF Czech Gasshuku with Sensei Molynuex & Sensei Flatt

By: Jaroslav Kulik – Prague Dojo

For the seventh year in a row, IOGKF Czech hosted senior IOGKF instructors, Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Roy Flatt, in a Gasshuku that offered traditional training methods along with something new for all members…

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The 7th Spring seminar of traditional Okinawan Karate, in Jindřichův Hradec which was held from the 22.-23. 5. 2010 under the auspices of the Czech association of Traditional Okinawan Goju ryu Karate-do.

Two Sensei’s from Great Britain, that visited our country previously accepted our invites. Sensei Ernie Molyneux – 7th Dan, chief instructor IOGKF England - European yearly visitor and Sensei Roy Flatt 7th Dan, senior instructor for EGKA.

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Contents of the seminar under their guidance was surely an income for each person. Summing up commentary of basic technique - Kihon and Kihon Ido, Kata and its practice or new methodical procedures during tuition of self-defense application, was of great benefit to everyone.

The trainings had in some points a classical scheme, in other they differed thanks to their exceptionality: as introduction there was a collective warm-up (Jumbi Undo), after exercising Kihon technique and Unsokuho technique (dodging techniques), we practiced Sanchin and its Shime along with Tensho.

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Afterwards the group divided in to two parts according to their technical abilities, where they examined Kata, their right performance with a sense for technical detail and their interpretation in terms of self-defence applications. This included Bunkai and practice uncompromising actions of Kumite in streets in the spirit of traditional karate and Iri kumi for higher belts.

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Very interesting was the training of both Sensei’s with young karate-ka children, for whom it was surely a unique experience.

The peak of the visit where exams for the Dan grading, that three successful representatives of the Jindřichohradecký club, attended.

The event was much more exceptional, because people from other countries attended- traditionally from Slovakia from three dojo´s- Bratislava, Trenčín and Trenčianské Stankovce in the presence of the official representative of the SVK, Sensei Marian Nemeček 3rd Dan, numerous groups from Austria with dojo in Linz and Vienna and their official representative Sensei Raoul Vogel 6th Dan and a group from Munich, Germany with Sensei Pavel Jírů 4th Dan.

From the Czech Republic all three Dojo had representatives attended, from Prague, Telč and Jindřichův Hradec in the presence of the official representative for the Czech Republic, Sensei Jaroslav Valenta 4th Dan.

The event also had a social meaning, when several nationalities met and where new friendships where created, which we would like to establish in the future. We would like to thank Sensei Molyneux, Sensei Flatt and each participator, including the organizational team.

We are already looking forward to the next meeting and ‘Sayonara’ until the year 2011 at the 8th International seminar in the Czech Republic. You´re all welcome!

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