Welcome to the September 2010 Edition of the IOGKF Newsletter


It has been a time of highs and lows for the IOGKF between this and our last newsletter.

We celebrate the success of the 2010 Denmark European Gasshuku, as well as the excitement of the upcoming IOGKF World Gasshuku in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
We also take the time to mourn the loss of one of our founding members in Sensei John Lambert, along with Thailand representative, Sensei Geoff Pickup.

With high quality articles, photos and videos, the IOGKF International Newsletter continues to document traditional Karate at it’s best!

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In this Edition:

Administrative office:

Administrative announcements - From: Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura
Editors Notes

Articles and research:

IOGKF World Friendship Tournament - Official Preview
Goju-Ryu Acadamy Website – The entire IOGKF curriculum is now online - Reviewed by: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor
Kumite Drills - With Sensei Ernie Molyneux - IOGKF England - 7th Dan
2010 USA News Report on Higaonna Sensei
‘New beginnings’ Tooting Karate Dojo new home - By: Sensei Linda Marchant – IOGKF EGKA 6th Dan & Dojo Head instructor
The Budo Charter - supplied by: Sensei Paolo Taigo Spongia - IOGKF Italy EN IT
Poem: 'The Dojo' - By: Sensei Zeenat Mistry - IOGKF India
Martial arts through the ages - a comparative look at Goju-ryu & MMA - By: Sensei Eric Higaonna – IOGKF International
Who was RYU RYU KO? - By: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor
The Kyu Grade perspective – 2010 European Gasshuku report - By: Chris Davidson – IOGKF England – EGKA Shinzato Dojo

Events Reports:

IOGKF German Gasshuku with Kuramoto Sensei - By: Sensei Jan Stolz - IOGKF Germany EN GER
IOGKF Netherlands Gasshuku with Yamashiro Sensei - By: Francesco Melita - IOGKF Netherlands EN HOL
IOGKF Poland Gasshuku with Sensei Leijenhorst - By: Sensei Tomasz Gołębiowski – IOGKF Poland
IOGKF Czech Gasshuku with Sensei Molyneux & Sensei Flatt - By: Jaroslav Kulik – Prague Dojo
IOGKF Russia Gasshuku with Sensei Andrews - By: Sensei George Andrews - IOGKF England OTGKA
IOGKF Germany Gasshuku with Yamashiro Sensei - By: Sensei Peter Lembke – IOGKF Germany Chief Instructor
IOGKF Italy Ken Zen Ichinyo Gasshuku with Sensei Spongia - By: Andrea Ramberti - IOGKF Italy EN IT
IOGKF Canada Dojo Gasshuku – with Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura - By: Sensei Mike Chinadi – Seito Bugei Juku Dojo
IOGKF Australia – Dojo Pee-Wee Board Breaking Night - By: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor & Dojo Head Instructor
IOGKF Argentina 1st Annual Miyagi Anichi Cup tournament - By: Sensei Gustavo Tata – IOGKF Argentina Chief Instructor EN ESP

Instructor Profiles and Interviews:

Sensei Henrik Larsen - IOGKF Denmark, 7th Dan DEN