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IOGKF International Editor

David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

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Welcome back to the IOGKF International Newsletter and to our second issue. This issue has proven to be one of ‘first’s’ in IOGKF International Newsletter history.


Welcome back to a very special issue of the IOGKF International Newsletter. I am really pleased that members from countries all over the world have been able to contribute to this edition! As you can see the amount and variety we can offer when so many people contribute is extraordinary. So well done to everyone and let’s keep it up!


This newsletter features two exclusive preview articles for the World Ubuntu Gasshuku. One covers the entire Gasshuku set-up and looks at how the event will run. The second is our preview of the World friendship tournament, including member country preparations. I would like to thank Sensei Bakkies Laubscher for working with me on these two articles. Sensei Laubscher put many hours of work into both of these.


I would personally like to dedicate this edition of the IOGKF International Newsletter to the eternal memory of Sensei John Lambert & Sensei Geoff Pickup. The last months have been a time of high’s and low’s for the IOGKF and losing two great characters, like Sensei John and Sensei Geoff, although extremely sad, must bring us closer together as a family.

I would like to thank all those people who have sent messages of support to mine and the Pickup family during this time.


The International website has recently been updated. Any visitor now has access to more country links, more Gasshuku information and more senior instructor bio’s. Members can now also expect more frequent updates too! I encourage all IOGKF Countries to send in their Gasshuku information to the administrative office, including Gasshuku Posters, to be featured on the International events list.


As always I would like to thank all the staff of the IOGKF International Newsletter for once again putting together a great newsletter. Without you all we have nothing, so thank you very much once again. Please visit the staff pages of the newsletter to express your thanks to our team!


The December 2010 IOGKF International Newsletter is shaping up to be one of our biggest editions ever! We will be featuring the exclusive reports on the World Ubuntu Gasshuku and as it is the end of the decade, we will be putting together a video and article to reflect over the last 10 years of IOGKF International! The cut off date for submissions for the December edition is: NOV 25, 2010.

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Until December, take care and train hard,

David Lambert
Editor – IOGKF International
IOGKF Australia