You’re chance to be part of IOGKF history

By: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor

December sees the end of this decade and beginning of a new one, and how better to mark this milestone than by looking back at what has been accomplished in the last 10 years. The IOGKF International ‘End of Decade project’ seeks to involve all IOGKF member countries in documenting the major happenings and events of the past 10 years in an independent and footage & photo documentary style video...

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In a few short months we will be coming to the end of what has probably been the most eventful decade in the history of IOGKF International. To mark this occasion the IOGKF International newsletter is going to begin work on a very special project.

We are looking to design and put together a short video documentary that is going to cover the major events and happenings of IOGKF International from the last 10 years. Starting in 2000 and going right through until the Ubuntu Gasshuku, which will be held next month.

It will cover all events, high and low, from the last 10 years, from major Gasshuku’s – to the passings of senior instructors and friends. It will be featured on youtube for the world to share in and, depending on the feedback we receive, will be between two and three parts long. The documentary itself is going to be produced at my office here in Australia.

Over the last 10 years Higaonna Sensei has travelled to countless countries and many have hosted Sensei for large scale events like European, Chief Instructor and Black Belt and National Gasshuku’s. Along with this the IOGKF has hosted two World Budosai’s. Some were promoted to chief instructor status and many countries also joined our cause in the last 10 years. Also some of our senior instructors have only visited some places for the first time in the last decade, that they now frequent regularly.

All of this, IOGKF International want to document. But I need the help and support of all IOGKF countries and their Chief instructors. This is a chance for your most treasured IOGKF moments to become part of IOGKF history!

I am asking all countries to send in any videos, pictures, etc from any major events they have hosted or any significant milestones their country has reached in the last decade!

Submissions can be made electronically via email address ( Or hard copies of photo, video etc can be mailed to:

76 Gibson Street, Goulburn, NSW, Australia, 2580.

With your submissions, I please ask that you entitle any subjects as ‘End of Decade project’. With any pictures or videos or both, for anything submitted, please include the year and the month at the very least as we will be doing our best to keep things in chronological order. – Please feel free to include as much information as you like.

I have taken into account that in the early part of this decade VHS was more dominant than DVD. I have the technology to transfer VHS to an electronic file, but at this stage only for videos in PAL (if this changes we will be sure to update our members).

For electronic video files, any videos will need to be in Windows media player format, or they will not be compatible with our editing software.

This is an exciting opportunity for you and your country to become a part of IOGKF history and I want to encourage all countries to come on board and contribute to this project. The documentary style video will be available with the release of the December IOGKF International Newsletter.

Due to the time production will take, we cannot take any more submissions after November 30, 2010.

If anyone has any questions or comment about this project, please feel free to contact me personally and I look forward to seeing what we can all come up with together.