Goju-Ryu Acadamy Website – The entire IOGKF curriculum is now online

Reviewed by: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor

IOGKF 7th Dan’s and Shihan title holders, Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Roy Flatt have just released an IOGKF & Goju-ryu product which has never been attempted before. www.gojuryuacademy.com contains the entire IOGKF & EGKA curriculum available to anyone who subscribes to the website. A collection of over 200 videos in a single website that goes where no organisation has gone before...

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It has finally happened. The IOGKF technical curriculum,  under the auspices of the English Goju-ryu Karate Federation (EGKA) Chief Instructor Sensei Ernie Molyneux and senior instructor Sensei Roy Flatt is now available online for members all around the world to share in.

The Goju-ryu academy website was launched in September 2010 and features over 200 technical video clips for Goju-ryu enthusiasts all around the world to learn from – with more in production.

It is a yearly subscription based system, which gives you access to the entire Goju-ryu syllabus. There are sections for 10th – 1st Kyu, Shodan, Nidan and Sandan and above. Fitting in the with the EGKA grading curriculum, which isn’t so different from many around the world, clicking on your grade level tells you exactly what you need to know and be able to perform.

Each of the Goju-ryu Kata is covered in great detail, with demonstrations of each of them from either Sensei Ernie Molyneux or Sensei Roy Flatt or both. Both of these fine instructors have been granted the rank of 7th Dan and the title of Shihan by Master Morio Higaonna, World Chief Instructor.

What makes this different from what else is already available on the internet, is that all the Kata’s are then demonstrated by Sensei Roy, while Sensei Ernie explains all the key points that should be concentrated on – a Kata walkthrough if you will.

Along with this all the Kata’s come complete with all the bunkai, demonstrated numerous times slowly and fast by the two World renowned instructors. Again what sets this aside from the rest is that spoken walkthroughs and key points of each application are given. As a bonus to all subscribers, included with most Kata sections are Kakie applications for the specific Kata.

But that is not all that Gojuryuacademy.com offers its members. It is a complete system for beginners to advanced Karate students. Starting at 10th Kyu, all the Basics, moving Basics, Sandan gi, Kihon ido, variations as well as Dojo etiquette are included.

Included also is a Kumite sections that covers some of the very popular drills by former World Champion, Sensei Ernie Molynuex that are featured in the IOGKF International newsletter. Along with this is a Yakusoku Kumite sections where both Sensei’s teach some of their signature moves. And be sure to check out the street fighting sections by both instructors – its free to all visitors!

The website itself is set out in an easy to understand manner and I recommend it quite highly to all Goju-ryu Karate-ka. The video clips themselves are of extremely high quality and do not lose any of their great resolution when enlarged to full screen size.

With the Goju-ryu academy website you now have the ability to have an IOGKF lesson on the go or at work. Imagine sitting at your desk on a lunch break and being able to experience step by step tutorials of anything Goju-ryu you can think of.

This is another one of those items that is something you must have for your own personal library. The beauty and worth of this purchase is that unlike DVD’s which can become outdated over time, these two instructors plan to continually update their collection and promise that there is still even more to come!

Background on gojuryuacademy.com

By: Ralph Elliot-King – Academy technical director and producer

The Goju Ryu Academy’s objective was a simple one … to significantly improve upon the growing mass of Goju Ryu video material on YouTube.

We have created an online video reference library of the key basics, kata and bunkai of the Goju Ryu Karate syllabus that we apply here in England. The relevance of the library content, however, applies equally to any IOGKF affiliated dojo in the world as we should all be teaching the same Goju Ryu Karate.

The idea for filming the library was hatched by Sensei Ernie, Sensei Roy and myself over a drink after training in November 2009. Combining their karate knowledge with my technical web and video expertise, some several hundred man hours later … and a lot of expletives edited out … we have a library with over 230 films, which is still growing.

We have achieved the two key objectives we were hoping for, although we all underestimated the amount of work involved in planning, filming, and editing the film content, and then building the library website itself.

Our first objective was to create a useful reference guide for kyu grades that often look to videos and books to supplement what they learn and practise in the dojo. By breaking down karate basics, kata, bunkai, and kakie into short two minute video tutorials, the instruction method works surprisingly well over the Internet, and the content will be of value to both new and experienced students as they progress through their grades.   

The second objective was to unify and keep up to date with the current teachings of Master Morio Higaonna in Okinawa. Sensei Ernie and Sensei Roy make a point of travelling to Okinawa to train every year just so that they can keep up to date and remain true to traditional Goju Ryu karate. The online library is intended to disseminate and protect the original Okinawan teachings we all respect. 

So people can get an idea of the style and approach we take, we have added a FREE public information module on personal self defence. This can be accessed from the Home page at www.gojuryuacademy.com.

Since going live in September, subscription has quickly grown. We expected a high level of interest from our own EGKA members because of the immediate and obvious relevance to the Goju Ryu instruction to be found here in England. It always helps at a grading if you know how your country’s chief instructor expects things to be done! We have also been pleasantly surprised by the number of overseas members we have attracted in the first month of opening. It makes all the hard work that went into creating the library so worthwhile.