It was with great sympathy I received the below email from IOGKF Italy Chief Instructor, Sensei Spongia. A wave of over 6 meters high arose from a river bed and destroyed the Dojo of Sensei Ricardo Peirano. The spirit of the IOGKF held up as you will see from the pictures & article, but I encourage all of our members to send a message of support to Sensei Ricardo to let him and his students know they are not alone…

Here is some news from IOGKF Italy for the next newsletter.

The S.Teodoro Dojo (Sardegna, Italia) of IOGKF Italy was destroyed from alluvial water.

October 1st a new devastating alluvial hit the town of S.Teodoro and destroyed the Dojo managed by Sensei Ricardo Peirano.

The near river came out from its bed and a wave 6 meters high overflowed the Dojo leaving in it 50 cm. of mud.

The building is not usable anymore and Sensei Peirano is looking, with many difficulties, to a new place to build up a new dojo.

IOGKF Italy soon collected funds to send to Sensei Ricardo to help him and his family in the first moments of this dramatic time; it is for sure a drop in the ocean, but for us it is to be a sign of vicinity and love.

In the picture attached you can see the Dojo hall after the wave hit, where, like a miracle, on the wall, are still at their place the Kenkon and the picture of Chojun Miyagi Sensei.

Below are the words of Peirano Sensei, directed to the brothers of IOGKF Italy:

Dear IOGKF Italy members,

I look at these pictures like a symbol of internal strength, that push everyone of us to follow the Way.

After 50 cm. of mud and 6 meters of water Miyagi Sensei and Kenkon are still in their place...

When I eneterd in the Dojo and saw this image I remained silent, asking for the strength to face this brutal moment and strength arrived..

From you, with your help, from the words of Sensei Spongia, from my family, from the teachings of all the Masters I have met in my life and basically from love, this unstoppable strength, in wave like the wave that overflowed the Dojo, never stops.

I related to love to go on and I am still doing so.
Thank you to all of you.
I Shin Den Shin (from heart to heart)

Ricardo Peirano


Thank you and warm regards,

P.Taigo Spongia
IOGKF Italia
Chief Instructor

If you would like to send a message of support to Sensei Ricardo, please email: