IOGKF Goulburn, Australia, recently hosted country joint chief instructor, Sensei Joe Roses for a special regional course that was enjoyed by all members…

On November 5, 2009 the IOGKF Lambert Dojo in Goulburn, NSW played host to special guest and country joint Chief Instructor, Sensei Joe Roses. The seminar was a chance for members living in ‘more’ country New South Wales to train with a great senior instructor like Sensei Roses.

The day featured two separate seminars; each with aims and goals and each were both well received.

Starting at 4:30pm was a special Pee-Wee (Under 10 years of age) only session. Event host Instructor & IOGKF International Editor, Sensei David Lambert is well known for making sure even the youngest Karate-ka gets a turn, so it was no surprise he organized this special session for our youngest members to have some time with Sensei Roses.

Unfortunately numbers for this session were a little disappointing; however Sensei Roses was extremely impressed by the young Pee-Wee students’ abilities, but also with their determination and etiquette. The young Pee-Wee’s were taken through a light warm up by Sensei Lambert, then Sensei Roses took command taking the participants through some great Kumite drills.

The emphasis for this session was mainly on sparring, but Sensei Roses actually took time at the end to actually sit down on the floor with the children and have a chat about Karate, Self Defence and happily answered any questions they had.

At 5:30pm the combined Junior’s and Adults seminar began. Numbers were much better for this session and while participants arrived, Sensei Joe was happy to meet and greet with them.

The session began with another vigorous warm up from Sensei Lambert. Sensei Roses then, again, took command and started taking everyone through some great basic training drills. Foot work was the key to try and upset the basic kihon habits, but Sensei Roses seemed quite impressed with everyone’s ability and even commented to a few members that they were very talented for their level.

The Chief Instructor then took us through some great kicking and conditioning drills. All participants really enjoyed the challenge and the quick changing foot movements Sensei Roses through at them.

Kakie was next on the agenda and as most know, is Sensei Roses favorite. Although Sensei Joe didn’t cover and actual movements from the exercise, everyone enjoyed the many variations Sensei Joe showed to just Kakie itself.

What came next really struck a cord with all participating, when Sensei Joe gave a detailed, but interesting lecture on practical Self Defence. All members listened eagerly and Sensei Roses would sometimes quickly ask a participant to repeat what he was just saying. There were certainly no ‘um’s’ or ‘ah’s’, as all members seemed very engrossed in what Sensei Joe was saying.

Sensei Joe then covered a large number of essential self defence techniques. Everything from how to get out of strangle holds, chokes, wrist locks and street fighter techniques, to what to do if a person ends up on top of you.

All these techniques were extremely effective and Sensei Roses taught them in a very easy to understand manner.

Kata was the final item for the seminar. Sensei Roses examined everyone’s Kata and was extremely pleased by what he saw. He then went onto explain how the fundamental Kata, worked in by everything we practiced on the night would help develop all the participants Karate even further.

As Thank you presents to Sensei Roses, the Pee-Wee’s of the Dojo took the time to draw and make a Karate picture book for Sensei Joe, which was very well received. The participants from the other seminar presented their guest with a framed picture of the 2008 World Budosai Australian Group photo, which Sensei Roses really liked.

This session was the second of two that Sensei Roses and Sensei Lambert host annually and all the sessions were completely free to all members. Similar events are already in planning for next year and it would be great to see more IOGKF members come on board for similar events in the future.

Special thanks go to Sensei Roses for his time and effort to travel to Goulburn and teach this seminar. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!