EGKA Mini Gasshuku – Littledown Bournemouth – 14th/ 15th November – 2009

By: Sensei Terence Read -

EGKA Senior Instructor, Sensei Terence Read, recently attended the EGKA ‘mini’ Gasshuku in Bournemouth, England. The event was a unique experience, giving members the chance to get closer the organisations most senior Sensei’s…

After spending 4 ½ hours travelling through terrible weather we arrived on Friday evening

In Bournemouth looking forward to a full packed training weekend ahead.

Not getting much sleep listening to the wind and rain howling around the hotel, we enjoyed

Breakfast and a quick dip in the pool and then made our way to the Dojo

50+ students arrived to train on the Saturday and Sunday.

Saturdays training (12 to 5pm) consisted of the usual standardised IOGKF junbi- undo (warm ups) and then the class was split into groups / grades for more detailed group training, with the Eight seniors present, all of whom were 6th Dan and above.

Each group session lasted for approx one hour and covered several aspects of the IOGKF Syllabus over a 5 hour period – namely:

Junbi- undo , Basics, Ippon Kumite , Yakusoku Kumite, Kakie, Kata , Bunkai, Kumite and Hojo undo.

Some of us met for a nice meal in the evening and this is always a good time to reminisce and make new friends

Sundays training (9 to 1pm)

Well after the warm ups it was straight into a full packed 4 hours training covering the several aspects of the IOGKF Syllabus again!

The weekend was and opportunity for both juniors and seniors to train together and the emphasis was to improve the technical standard of all grades especially those who are grading in the near future.

The weekend was a big success and was supported by several Dojo’s from the North, South and Eastern areas.

Our Chief instructor, Sensei Ernie Molyneux, thanked everybody for attending the course especially those who travelled long distances to support the weekend and all the senior grades for their continued Help and Support.