IOGKF Australia recently received the rare privilege of providing the half time entertainment for a National level basketball game…

In late August 2009, the Goulburn Basketball Association (on the behalf of the Women’s National Basketball League) gave the IOGKF Lambert Karate Dojo, in Goulburn – NSW, a very rare honor. The Dojo was invited to perform the half time entertainment at a WNBL game that was to be played in Goulburn.

The game was to be a pre-season match, played between the Transact ‘Canberra Capitals’ and the ‘Sydney Uni Flames’. Between the two teams were 6 current world ladies basketball champions, all ready to showcase their skills against their rivals.

Having realized the scales and value of this demonstration, IOGKF Goulburn instructor and IOGKF International Editor, David Lambert, extended the demonstration invitation to IOGKF Australian Joint Chief, Sensei Joe Roses and any of his students who were willing to attend.

Sensei Lambert was quite overwhelmed when over 13 members from IOGKF Canberra arrived at the Lambert Dojo for a demonstration rehearsal on the afternoon of September 12. “Sensei Roses and his students really went out of their way, as they always do, to support my Dojo and I and I am eternally grateful for that!”

After 40 minutes of discussion, practice and with everyone happy, all members proceeded out to the Goulburn Basketball Stadium to meet Sensei Lambert’s Junior and Adult students.

On arrival at the stadium it was clear that the game was of a serious nature. The play was extremely physical, rough and at some points brutal. With the promotion of game and the IOGKF demo making the local papers back page and with much anticipation for this event to be held in Goulburn, it wasn’t much of a surprise that quite a crowd had gathered.

With the half time Seiren sounding, some over 25 IOGKF Australian Karate-ka took the floor. Sensei Joe Roses took the time to speak on the microphone and explain to the large crowd what Karate was all about and who we exactly we were.

Following this junior and senior members of the Lambert Dojo performed a group Gekisai Dai Ichi, which was well received by all viewers. This was then followed by the performance of Sanchin Kata. Sensei Roses explained the purpose of the Kata and delivered Shime, while Sensei Lambert, Robert DeCastella and Bill Giles performed the Kata. This left many mouths hanging open in the crowd and was ended by a huge round of applause.

Female Adult members of IOGKF Canberra then performed, demonstrating simultaneously, Gekisai Dai Ichi and Two man Kata. This was then followed by Sensei Roses and Krista DeCastella performing Two man Kata, both slow and full speed. The general public really enjoyed seeing this.

Before we knew it, time had run out and the teams were ready to come back on. Although Sensei Roses and Lambert had separate demonstrations to perform, time meant the two would have to run their demonstrations at the same time.

This work amazingly well! Sensei Joe Roses performed Kakie and Knife self defense, demonstrating his ability to disarm and lock out his opponent very quickly.

Sensei Lambert demonstrated Yakusoku Kumite, utilizing basic techniques with effective and advanced take down methods - Demonstrating control and power at the same time.

The Demonstration then ended with resounding success and the audience provided a large round of applause for all members. The demonstration was such as success, that the half time Canteen manager exclaimed “No one came to buy food! Everyone stayed to watch the demo – that never happens!”

Thanks to Sensei Joe Roses and all the members who traveled down from Canberra to support Sensei Lambert and IOGKF Goulburn!