IOGKF Scotland - Sensei Ernie Molyneux Gasshuku

By: Sensei Gary Adams – IOGKF Scotland

IOGKF Scotland played host to IOGKF International Executive Committee member, Sensei Ernie Molyneux, for a National Gasshuku. Sensei Molyneux worked with all grades and ages, on a broad range of training drills, as IOGKF Scotland instructor Gary Adams details…

Sensei Ernie Molyneux is an IOGKF Executive Committee member and England EGKA Chief Instructor and came to Scotland to teach our IOGKF Scotland (SGKA) National Gasshuku.

The First training session was on Friday night in Lochgelly Centre. Sensei Ernie took us through a thorough warm ups. Following the warm up, Sensei Ernie concentrated on Kumite drills. Each drill was broken down and practiced individually and then with a partner. The drills consisted of a range of basic moving and sparring techniques. Everyone who attended commented on how good the training was and how these techniques would be effective.

Day two of the Gasshuku and everyone was ready and raring to go. The day started with Sensei Ernie taking the kids through basics, Kata and partner work, all were fixated on him as he showed them the techniques. The Adult session started at 11am and consisted of more drills that had been prepared. The drills gradually became more intricate and some take downs were added for good measure. We finished the session with a gradual warm down and went to get ready for our meal at night and a few drinks to relax after the days work.

The final days training got underway at 10am with the juniors. The training started again with a thorough warm up and then moved straight into partner work. The junior students had fun with some training that involved their belts and by the end of it, all students felt fulfilled with their training. The Adult session started off with Kata, all students went up to their highest Kata before bowing out and watching the higher Black belts perform Kata such as Kururunfa and Sesan. The rest of the training consisted of recapping on the drills of the previous sessions and of group Bunkai. This was the most challenging part of the Gasshuku with one student surrounded by four, moving around the four, rapidly performing selected Bunkai by Sensei Ernie. The Day finished with Sensei Ernie doing the warm down and being presented with a bottle of 26 year old single malt whisky and the thanks of IOGKF Scotland.

A good Gasshuku was enjoyed by one and all, our thanks to Sensei Ernie, for his much valued time and teaching. We look forward to a repeat of this in the very near future.