Northeast Regional Gasshuku August 2009

By: Randy Kopke – IOGKF USA

IOGKF Ohio had the pleasure of hosting IOGKF American Senior instructor, Sensei Herbert Allen, for a regional Gasshuku which catered for all ages and levels and which left all members enthusiastic about Goju-ryu Karate…

 We had the distinct pleasure of having Sensei Herbert Allen come to train in our area in August this year. The event was somewhat short as it was only two days of training but what a great two days it was.

This was the first Gasshuku that we have ever held at our dojo so we were all a bit nervous about pulling this off. However, my new wife Patricia did a great job of organizing the event along with several of our other instructors and it went off without a hitch.

The training was great as Sensei Allen has great knowledge of IOGKF karate and is a really remarkable teacher. It never ceases to amaze me how much we still have to learn about martial arts. It seems like every Sensei has so many things that they can share with you and there is never enough time to learn it all. This was certainly the case with Sensei Allen. He is amazingly explosive and powerful.

We had about 70 to 80 people that participated in the event, which was more than I expected. We had several students come in from the following states, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. I was very pleased to see all of these people come to our dojo to train. We had quite a few of our own students and I know they all left with a sense of accomplishment and appreciation after watching Sensei Allen and all of the other blackbelts train. We also had about 30 children that trained with Sensei Allen during the weekend. They had a blast and I know some of them will never forget their experience with their first Gasshuku and Sensei Allen’s “crazy eye”, they all loved that!

having had the chance to host this event. We hope that there will be plenty more in and about our area in the near future.