Kerri Larken, wife of Australian joint Chief Instructor Sensei Chris Larken, has collaborated with her friend Anne Geddes to produce a very unique and entertaining cook book…

‘Dude where’s the food’ is a fantastic product designed to help men who may not be as confident in the cooking department as they, or their partners, would like them to be! It has been written for all us guys who find ourselves out on our own…or totally lost in the kitchen!

The book is the invention of Kerri Larken and Anne Geddes and is a real labor of love, made from over 60 years of cooking and teaching experience. It is not only unique in its purpose, but also in the style in which it is set out!

Its approach too many of the recipes and scenarios is often very light hearted and most times quite mischievous! The book itself has a great ‘tongue and cheek’ flavor to it, so the user can experience a bit of giggle, whilst they prepare some of the great items on offer.

The 152 page cook book features 5 great sections:

  • ‘Where’s the Breakfast?’
  • ‘Where’s the Lunch?’
  • ‘Where’s the Dinner?’
  • ‘Where’s the Party?’
  • ‘Where’re the Snacks?’

Just from that you can see the great range of selection and variety this book can offer! Along with this, the user receives great cooking tips on preparation, selection and preservation of top quality food!

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