Fun Corner

International Halloween Celebrations for 2009

IOGKF Chief and Dojo Instructors were encouraged to get into the spirit of Halloween this year and share the experience with their youngest training members and the IOGKF International Newsletter!

Each year we will be featuring photos of the celebrations and parties held for the children of the IOGKF from around the World.

This year we have photos of Pee-wee and junior students from both the IOGKF Administrative head office, in Canada and the International Newsletter office, in Australia! We encourage more instructors to come on board and next year! We want to see many, many more pictures from IOGKF countries!

Happy Halloween!

Photo’s taken at IOGKF Administrative Honbu.
IOGKF Burlington, Canada –
Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura


Photo’s taken at the IOGKF Newsletter office.
IOGKF Goulburn,
Sensei David Lambert