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IOGKF International Editor

David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

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Welcome to our third and final issue of the IOGKF International Newsletter, for 2009. It is fantastic that we have been able to get the Newsletter back up and running this year for all IOGKF members. As with anything that starts out, we did have some teething problems, which I am pleased to report, have all been sorted out!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff members of the IOGKF International Newsletter for their great work in 2009. I would like to thank Sensei Luis Nunes, Elena Cornet and Antonio Pagan for their hard work in helping to make the newsletter letter bilingual, with Spanish article translations.

I would also like to pay a very special mention to Sensei Helmut Leitner of IOGKF Australia for his extreme dedication to the IOGKF International Newsletter. Sensei Helmut is the webmaster for the Newsletter and takes care of all of its construction. We all owe him a great debt along with all our other staff members, as remember they receive no pay for all their efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our IOGKF members a safe and happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2010!


I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to IOGKF India member, Hari Raghavan, who has received a National award from the President of India, for his very unique and amazing efforts in Karate. A full story on Hari’s presentation will be available in our March 2010 issue.


I would also like to extend my deepest sympathies to IOGKF Italy Dojo Instructor, Sensei Ricardo Peirano, who’s Karate Dojo was destroyed by a freak tidal wave. The courageous story of our Italian IOGKF family can also be read in the top stories section of this issue and I encourage all members to send Sensei Ricardo a message of support.


I am proud that we can release the first of our ‘Goju-ryu Masters’ comic book series with this issue! I would like to thank IOGKF Newsletter Staff member and Colombia representative, Sensei Roberto Zapata, for his amazing efforts in drawing the comic book. As you will see from the comic book, Sensei Zapata is an extremely talented artist and I encourage members to send messages of thanks for his efforts.

The ‘Goju-ryu Masters’ comic book series, will be an ongoing series, of which we will feature one volume per issue of our newsletter. We would appreciate any feedback on the comic book.


I would like to congratulate Sensei Jeffery Mann of IOGKF USA, who won our September Newsletter competition and will receive a copy of the 2008 Okinawan World Budosai DVD set.

I encourage all members to check out our December Newsletter competition, which coincides with our review and promotion of the IOGKF 30th Anniversary Photo book. There is another great prize up for grabs and all the information can be found in the competition section of this issue.


We have a lot of plans for the Newsletter for 2010. We’ve been very lucky this year, in that we’ve been able to include many videos along with our great articles. We hope to continue this even more in 2010.

The IOGKF International Newsletter is run by IOGKF members for IOGKF members; your feedback, as viewers of this newsletter, helps us to shape it for the future. You can send feedback to: lambert@goulburnkarate.com


Literally countless IOGKF Gasshuku’s, courses, camps, seminars, events, etc take place around the world every month, but only a short few have articles written about them that make their way to the International Newsletter!

If you have any reports or news, it doesn’t matter how big or how small!
We want to hear about it!


Please do not forget that anyone can submit anything for consideration for the Newsletter. No news is too big or too small. If you’ve got an IOGKF related article or event report, we want to hear about it! If you have Karate artwork, poetry or research we’d love you to share it with the rest of our members.

Our next issue will be released in MARCH 2010, with the cut off date for articles being FEBRUARY 20, 2010 . Items can be forwarded to either iogkaus@bigpond.com or lambert@goulburnkarate.com or posted to:

IOGKF Editorial Office:

IOGKF Goulburn
Lambert Karate Dojo
76 Gibson Street,
Goulburn, NSW,
Australia, 2580

My Best regards until March,

David Lambert

Editor – IOGKF International

IOGKF Australia