Welcome back to the IOGKF International Newsletter competition section!

As you can see from our September 2009 results, entering these competitions is a great way to win IOGKF prizes!

Our last competition was a writing challenge, so this time, to tie in with our promotion of the IOGKF 30th Anniversary photo book, we are having a special and unique competition.

The IOGKF International Newsletter is looking for the best, original, IOGKF picture ever!

Any member can submit and IOGKF related picture or image for consideration in the newsletter. This can be an IOGKF picture of anyone from Higaonna Sensei to the youngest beginner. The picture should show and capture the spirit of the IOGKF!

The winner of the competition will receive a brand new copy of the 2006 IOGKF Miyagi Chojun Festival 2 Disc DVD set, featuring all the IOGKF Masters Demonstration, all World Championship fight finals and the entire history and medical lectures – See our merchandise section for a review of this prize!

Rules of the competition:

1 – Your entry cannot be taken from a gallery or photo book that is not your own. The photo must belong to you.

2 – You must list the source of your picture.

3 – If your image is featured on the Internet already, you must list the website it is available on.

4 – If you submitted a photo that was in the IOGKF 30th Anniversary Photo Book, you can submit it for this competition, provided it belongs to you.

5 – Although it is not strictly enforced, it is desirable that the IOGKF Kenkon be feature in the image somewhere – whether it is on a Gi top, banner, etc.

6 – You must list your name, Dojo name, Dojo Instructor, Country, source of the picture and where the picture came from with your entry.

7 – Entries for this competition close at Midnight Australian Eastern Standard time, February 7th, 2010.

8 – Don’t forget the picture must capture, in some way, the spirit of the IOGKF.

9 – You should give your picture a title.

All Entries can be submitted with your name and country and contact details, via:


Mail: IOGKF Editorial Office
76 Gibson Street,
Goulburn, NSW