Sensei ZieglerIOGKF South African Instructor, Sensei Tian Ziegelmeier, has recently returned from the World Police and Fire Games, where he competed in Karate at the event and came home with three medals…

In 1985, the World Police & Fire Games Federation, a non-profit organization, run by the Californian Police Athletics Federation, established the World Police & Fire Games.

Today, the World Police & Fire Games are a spectacular International sporting event, offering police officers, fire fighters, customs and correction officers from around the world an opportunity to showcase their athletic excellence in over 65 sporting events. The World Police and Fire Games is the largest International, multi sport event of its kind.

Held biennially, the World Police & Fire Games were held in British Columbia in 2009 and will be hosted in New York City in 2011.

The size and scope of the games continues to grow, with both the attendance and number of participating countries steadily increasing with this years participants numbering over 10,500.


During the games in Vancouver, Canada this year, a member from IOGKF South Africa, Tian Ziegelmeier, participated. He attended his third games with his first being in Indianapolis in 2001 where he attained a 4th place in the Kumite division. During the 2007 games in Adelaide, Australia, Tian placed 2nd in the Kumite event and went one better this year, achieving a gold in the individual Kumite and two bronze medals for unison Kata and the team Kumite event. Tian has been a police officer for 20 years and a member of the South African Police Service National Karate team since 1993.

He is also the current IOGKF senior men’s Kata title holder and was a team member of the IOGKF South Africa senior men’s team, who were the winners in the team Iri Kumi at the same event, the 2006 Miyagi Chojun Festival.

Tian joined IOGKF South Africa in 1995, has been doing Karate for 23 years and currently holds the grade of Godan.