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IOGKF International is embarking on a World first in the Comic book industry. As of our December 2009 issue, the IOGKF International Newsletter will be the host of the currently in production - ‘Goju-ryu Masters’ comic book series!

The series will be based on Higaonna Morio Sensei’s historical masterpiece – ‘The History of Karate – Goju-ryu’ and is being graphically designed by Sensei Roberto Zapata – representative for IOGKF Colombia. Mr. Zapata is the man behind the 2008 Okinawan World Budosai poster and one of the best in his line of business.

The aim of the comic book series is to excite not just junior members, but all members into learning more about Okinawan Goju-ryu History.

Below you can see the first character designs of our series, which feature Anichi Sensei being instructed by Miyagi Chojun Sensei. Other Masters and characters to be featured in the upcoming series’ will include:

  • Master Ryu Ryu Ko
  • Kanryo Higaonna Sensei
  • Kanyo Higaonna (Kanryo Sensei’s Father)
  • Juhatsu Kyoda Sensei
  • Jin’an Shinzato Sensei
  • Makoto Miyagi (Chojun Sensei’s wife)
  • Aragaki Shuichi Sensei
  • And of Course, Higaonna Morio Sensei.

Story lines, as mentioned earlier, will be based on ‘The History of Karate’ book and some of the stories will include:

What drove Kanryo Sensei to go to China to study martial arts.

  • Kanryo Sensei’s time in China.
  • Kanryo Sensei’s return to Okinawa.
  • Miyagi Chojun Sensei’s life and times in training.
  • Miyagi Chojun Sensei’s time in the military.
  • World War two’s affect on Okinawa.
  • Anichi Sensei’s beginnings and training at the Garden Dojo.
  • Higaonna Morio Sensei’s beginnings.
  • The Yoyogi Dojo period
  • The foundation of the IOGKF and beyond!

The first volume of the series will be released with the December Edition of the International Newsletter. We encourage all members to get on board and all instructors to encourage their students to read the comic book and the newsletter!

‘Goju Ryu Masters’ will only be available through www.iogkf.com.

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GOJU-RYU MASTERS’ – The Comic Book Series
www.iogkf.com and the International Newsletter

Produced by:………………………….IOGKF International
Graphically designed by:…….……………Roberto Zapata
Written by:…………......IOGKF International Writers team
Original idea by:………………………………David Lambert