Kenkon Pendants

Exclusive from IOGKF Australia!
IOGKF Australia is now producing beautiful IOGKF Kenkon Pendants. Whats makes these pendants different for others is that is made from World Class Gold from Western Australia's Pilbara Region.
They are made as 98% pure to start with and has a rich luster that is found no where else in the World! Together with the bail the pendants weigh around 6 grams.
There is a variety of designs and versions available including:
Gold Pendants - which can be produced in 9ct or 18ct Gold, which comes from the Pillbara region, WA and has a rich luster that is found no where else in the world!
Striling Silver Pendant - which is comes from Broken Hill, and has a luster of its own!

Gold Pendant rock finish

Explanation of the Kenkon:
Heaven and earth are described as "Kenkon" in Japanese. "Ken" indicates heaven and "kon" indicates earth.
Heaven is shown as round and earth as square, symbolising the vastness of heaven and earth.
Heaven relates to softness and earth to hardness. The badge expresses harmony of hardness and softness in nature - heaven and earth.
The meaning of "Goju" is directly related to the badge since this also means hard and soft - "go" meaning hard and "ju" meaning soft.
It is important to know that the symbol in the centre chosen by Higaonna Morio Sensei is also the emblem of  Chojun Sensei's family.

Purchase Information

9ct Gold Kenkon AU$ 180
Stirling Silver Kenkon AU$ 80

Note: All costs are in Australian Dollars
          Prices are subject to change without notice.
          Delivery cost applies, items will be delivered via Australia Post premium post. (Australia wide and International)
          Wholesale prices available to all IOGKF Dojos upon request
          Approx. overseas postage and handling AU$10 - AU$30



Artist Impressions

Silver Kenkon (Sand finish) Gold Kenkon (Sand finish)