IOGKF Australia Regional One day Gasshuku - Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn gasshukuOn June 14, a regional Gasshuku was hosted and taught by IOGKF Australian instructor & International Newsletter Editor, Sensei David Lambert, which also incorporated a Gymnastics session by a champion Gymnast…

The June 14 Australian regional seminar was a great success! Participants came from Kotara Dojo in Newcaslte, the Sydney Dojo, Sensei Roses’ Canberra Dojo and the Lambert Dojo in Goulburn, NSW.

Training kicked off at 9:30am, with Sensei Lambert welcoming everybody to his Dojo and explaining the day would also be a chance for us to remember Anichi Sensei through our training. Sensei Lambert then began with a vigorous set of Junbi Undo, which lasted a little over 40 minutes.

After this it was straight into Kata training – the theme for the day, starting with Gekisai Dai Ichi. Sensei Lambert checked everyone’s Kata with his big emphasis being on footwork. He explained that without correct footwork and foot positions there is no strong base to fight from or to support the strong Kata combinations and techniques with.

Once he was happy, Sensei took the attendees through Gekisai Dai Ichi variation Bunkai, but from Kakie. All attendees really enjoyed seeing the Kata being applied, not only, different ways but from a different method in Kakie.

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After this was finished, Sensei put everyone through a rigorous basic sequence, utilizing the movements from the Gekisai Kata’s. The sequence was then used to defend against 4 attackers. Sensei Lambert explained that one of Higaonna Sensei’s goals for us is to put the Kata into Kumite and that this was just one example or way to do that. He also stressed it was vitally important not to stray from the Kata movements; otherwise it just becomes Yakusoku Kumite, not another method of applying the Kata.

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Following this, the group went through Gekisai Dai Ni and Saifa Kata’s, again with Sensei Lambert correcting and explaining a lot of the techniques. With Saifa, the Kata was broken down into short sequences and practiced and refined again and again.

Saifa Oyo Bunkai followed this and many commented that the applications were very different but still the same as the Kata’s form. ‘You can think outside the square with Bunkai, just stay true to the Kata and don’t get fancy. Simple works - simple is Basic’. Sensei Lambert explained.

Next was the practice of Sanchin Kata. Sensei explained a lot about the technique and dangers of practicing Sanchin incorrectly. He showed the group different ways to test and work the Sanchin posture and a few interesting Tanden control exercises! Sensei also explained about Shime, its testing points and the what and what not’s of its execution.

Following this Sensei Lambert explained Iri Kumi the way Higaonna Sensei had taught him. He also showed everyone how effective the Kata can be applied when practicing Kumite and everyone seemed to enjoy this challenging training.

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After a short break for lunch, a stretching seminar with champion Gymnast Teghan Bartlett-Miller was held. Teghan taught a 90 minute session in two parts. The first 45 minutes were spent going through the basic stretching exercises gymnasts do every session, similar to how we practice Junbi Undo. It was interesting to notice nearly all the stretching was to be done with a partner - not alone. With exercise names like ‘torture’ and ‘pain’ the participants eyes were getting wider and wider as the session went on!

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The second section was dedicated to strengthening and conditioning, with Teghan taking us through the exact workout gymnasts perform on a regular basis. I think it is safe to say many participants had sore abdominals on Monday morning!

The success of this event has already prompted demand for future courses and more for 2009 are already in the pipeline!

Thanks go to Sensei Janet Young, Teghan Bartlett-Miller and all who travelled, attended and supported our organisation! We look forward to seeing you all in Goulburn again soon!