Canberra gasshukuIOGKF Australia hosted a large regional camp in Canberra, ACT, which was headed by Australian Chief Instructors, Sensei Joe Roses and Sensei Chris Larken. Below is a report of the event…

The 2009 Canberra regional Gasshuku in Australia was a massive success! Members traveled from as far away as Newcastle to participate in what was a memorable weekend.

Training began on Friday night at Sensei Joe Roses’ Canberra Dojo, with a good turn up of over 40 Karate-ka. The 'light' warm up was taken by Sensei Simon Beaumont, who took the participants through a vigorous routine of press up's, sit up's and squats, along with some interest ducking and weaving exercises.

After this, Sensei Roses took the class through some hard basic training to get the sweat going, covering basic blocking, punching and kicking techniques. The session was then ended by Sensei Chris Larken teaching Sanchin, then partnering everybody off to examine each others technique and the Kata’s form.

Saturday morning had a turn up of about 80 people. Again Sensei Simon moved in quickly after Junbi Undo and covered a lot of the Basics curriculum with some great challenging combinations.

After a short break it was back to training, but this time in grade groups. Sensei Kevin Nash and Sensei Gary Johnson took the young children, Sensei Paul Parlett took the lower Kyu grades, Sensei Chris and Sensei Simon took Sandan and above and Sensei Joe taught the Brown belts - Nidan. All participants seemed to enjoy this chance to get closer to these instructors.

After a short break, another, smaller, split session was held, rotating instructors around the same groups, before Sensei Ari Takkanen did a one hour lecture on Pilates, Goju-ryu and core area strength. Many commented that they learnt a lot of valuable exercises. Sensei Roses took the young children for training during this session.

Following this, a large amount of participants enjoyed the hospitality of Deeks Café, in Pearce, Canberra – If you are ever in Canberra be sure to pay them a visit! They produce 100% Gluten and Grain free products that taste amazing! You can visit them on the net at:

Along with that, we had a great dinner at the Canberra Southern Cross Club later that night.

Sunday morning began with a physical dose of warm-ups and basics from Sensei Chris Larken. Sensei Joe then took over utilizing the same techniques just practiced by Sensei Chris, but putting them into Kumite Style drills.

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Following this was the Gasshuku's last split session. Sensei Roses took the Sandan and above, Sensei Simon and Sensei Chris took the grading participants, other instructors then rotated around the groups, including Sensei David Liftson, who took the Children and Sensei David Lambert who took the lower Kyu grades. Again a lot of positive feedback was taken from this session.

After this students were given a rare treat with demonstrations by senior grades. The young children and an audience of IOGKF Australian members and the general public were able to witness some great demonstrations, including Hojo Undo, Kata by senior instructors, Sanchin with Shime and Kakie.

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A Dan grading was held that afternoon at Sensei Joe Roses’ Dojo, which all members successfully passed.