Poland Gasshuku with Nakamura Sensei and Sensei Andrews

By: Sensei George Andrews - IOGKF England OTKGA Chief Instructor & 7th Dan

Sensei George Andrews, Chief Instructor of England OTGKA and 7th Dan, recently returned from Poland where he instructed a National Gasshuku with Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura. Read Sensei George's own Gasshuku report and view training montages and interviews below...

A Gasshuku in Poland

Nakamura Sensei and I were invited to conduct a seminar in the city of Piotrkow Trybunalski which is in central Poland, the training was for Iri - kumi and the rules and regulations, in Kata and Kumite, Nakamura Sensei would explain in detail all the finer points and then each candidate would test their skills, we only spent 2 hours on this subject because the concentration was more on traditional training.

The classes were split in to two group's yudansha and kyu grades, and then we alternated to maximise and benefit the knowledge that was available, I concentrated on Kata and Nakamura Sensei concentrated on Kumite, everyone was enthusiastic about training and seemed to be fulfilled.

But it was not all about training, I managed to go fishing on a private lake but the only bite I had was from a mosquito on the back of my head and neck, but nature was all around, the sound of birds and the wind it was so quiet the silence was deafening.

After fishing I was invited to a BBQ in the grounds of my host he and his father built all of the benches and tables and surrounding huts and shed's such talent and tradition.

Nakamura Sensei and I after training finished we would visit the hotel's sauna and then we would have dinner which Nakamura Sensei would sample a Polish traditional dish which is called Bolush which is a soup made of beetroot and vegetables and topped which sour cream and Golonka is pork knuckle boiled and his comments were very delicious.

Then we would retire to my room to discuss the day and partake in some light refreshments.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nakamura Sensei for sharing his knowledge and expertise with the Polish people, and being such good company. And not forgetting Sensei Tomasz Golebiowski for his hard work in organising this event and look forward to 2010.

George Andrews

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To see and Interview and training montage from the event with Sensei George Andrews click below!