IOGKF Scotland National Gasshuku with Sensei Ernie Molyneux

IOGKF Scotland will proudly be hosting a National Gasshuku in their country from October 2 - 4, 2009. Guest Instructor for this Gasshuku will be IOGKF Executive committee member, Chief Instructor for England EGKA and IOGKF 7th Dan, Sensei Ernie Molyneux.
Sensei Molyneux is one of the IOGKF's most experienced and longest serving senior instructors.
His organisation in England is among one of the largest in the World. Sensei Molyneux is an accomplished tournament fighter and World class instructor, well worth training with.
Any IOGKF member is welcome to attend this Gasshuku. Which will be held in two locations. The first being the IOGKF Lochgelly Dojo and the second at Glenwood High School.
The timetable is listed below:
7pm - 9pm        ALL GRADES                 Lochgelly Centre
10am - 11am    JUNIOR GRADES          Glenwood High School
11am - 3pm      ALL ADULT GRADES    Glenwood High School 
10am - 11am    JUNIOR GRADES         Glenwood High School
11am - 2pm     ALL ADULT GRADES    Glenwood High School
- The Sunday afternoon will mimic the Saturday and will include a freestyle Kumite Session in the afternoon.
All IOGKF members should take the chance to train with Sensei Molyneux and support IOGKF Scotland.
Scotland itself is a country rich in beauty and history with plenty to do for the whole family. From the William Wallace (Braveheart) memorial tower, to the many castles and tourist sites, there is plenty to see and do!
Anyone wishing to attend the Gasshuku or would like more information on the event, accommodation or tourist sites should contact IOGKF Scotland club secretary, Gary Adams, via email.

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