euro2010The European Gasshuku 2010 will be held in Copenhagen. Organised by Henrik Larsen Sensei, this Gasshuku will be an occasion not to be missed! Chief instructors from all over the world will be attending and teaching, not to mention the legendary Higaonna Sensei.

A unique feature of this Gasshuku is the Children’s Gasshuku.  For 600 Danish Kroner the children will also be taught by the best in the world and after their training sessions, fun activities have been arranged (for those who wish to take advantage of this offer) and it will give the children a really thrilling experience. This ‘Children’s event’ costs  450 Danish Kroner.  Whilst the children are enjoying their various activities, their respective parents can continue training, safe in the knowledge that their children are being looked after.

A further HUGE PLUS for this Gasshuku is the location.  Copenhagen is a wonderfully picturesque town – the smallest, big city in the world. The people are happy and friendly – and most speak English!  The training centre is situated in the heart of Copenhagen which means that it is just a 5 minute walk to fantastic restaurants, the famous Tivoli gardens and fun fair, the main shopping in high street, canals and boat rides, theatres, museums and royal residences.

The training complex includes the official Gasshuku hotel, a swimming pool, sauna and gym.  For those wishing to book accommodation here, the key is to be quick off the mark!  For those not wishing to stay within the complex, there is a wealth of hotels in the surrounding area to suit every need.  There is also a newly refurbished ‘youth hostel’ costing just 125 Danish Kroner per night.  Visit the official 2010 European Gasshuku website to discover more about the hotels and book direct:


The Gasshuku is a very affordable 1,400 Danish Kroner.  As an indicator of total price, if the youth hostel is chosen, participation in the 2010 Copenhagen Gasshuku could be done for around 2000 Danish Kroner.  Given that the Gasshuku is in the heart of the Danish capital city – this is a fabulous and realistic offer for all.